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Please browse the resource links below for valuable clinical tools and websites.

Trauma Stewardship

DBT: Mindfulness

•DBT Skills Training Worksheets (446 pages!):

•73 Mindfulness Exercises:

•Mindfulness Exercises for Groups: 

•Powerful books:

•How to Train a Wild Elephant (Jan Chozen Bays)

•The Mindful Therapist (Daniel Siegel)

•The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

•Sitting Together

•Mindfulness and Self-compassion Kristin Neff TED Talk:

•Misophonia case study:

•Mindfulness activities for kids (and adults): 

•Mindfulness self-compassion (tons of exercises!):

DBT Emotional Regulation

DBT Distress Tolerance

•Distress tolerance toolkit:

•Borderliner Notes (Linehan videos):

•Distress tolerance worksheets:

•Dealing with Distress toolkit:

•DBT Manual for Teens:

•Distraction techniques (self-harm):

•“Back From the Edge” (BPD documentary):

•Annie’s Story: A Healing Journey with DBT:

•Chain analysis worksheet w/instructions:

•Coping Card template:

DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness

•DBT-A workbook:

•DBT videos (LOTS of them…including client and family perspective videos):

•IE Handouts:

•DBT Group Therapy manual (teens/young adults w/substance use):  

•Alan Fruzzetti DBT Family Skills manual:

•DBT Instructional videos:

•Interpersonal Effectiveness (Positive Psychology) worksheets:

•“Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth” DBT video series (Fruzzetti):

CBT in Healthcare Settings

◦Using CBT in General Practice: 10 Minute CBT Handbook (on Amazon)

◦How to Deliver CBT for Pain in Primary Care Settings (several research studies):

◦Comprehensive Behavioral Assessments list:

◦10 Minute CBT videos:

◦CBT worksheets:

◦Brief CBT manual: 

◦Brief CBT manual:

◦CBT worksheets:

◦10 Minute CBT:

◦Implementing CBT in Specialty Medical Settings article:

◦Dr. Donna Sudak, MD videos:

Safety & De-Escalation

■De-escalation video:

■Personal safety for social workers toolkit:

■NASW Guidelines for Safety in the Workplace:

■Home Visiting Safety video:

■Home Visiting & Community Risk Assessment Tool:

■Things Social Workers MUST Know to Be Safe at Work video:

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